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How earplugs became the unlikely hottest accessory of summer! Gen Z are forking out on £60 designer ear protectors that look like jewellery to wear at gigs – and some even use them to filter out sounds at work and in public



Designer earplugs are becoming the unlikely hottest accessory for summer as Gen Z are forking out as much as £60 on a pair to protect their hearing at gigs and festivals.and Instagram is filled with people showing off their Loop Earplugs – which could be mistaken for jewellery – with some people revealing they have multiple pairs.

While for years they were primarily worn by partners of snorers, sound technicians, and roadies, sleek silicone mode, people are now wearing them to gigs, raves and festivals – with people sharing they have multiple pairs for different activities.Loop – which is the market leader in upscaled headphones – has four models ranging from £19.95 to £54.95.

The Quiet (£19.95) – best for sleeping – the Engage (£29.95) – best for conversations, social gatherings, parenting and noise sensitivities.

There’s also the Experience 2 (£29.95) – best for concerts and festivals and the Switch – which is ‘3 in 1’ and controlled by a switch which allows customers to change between engage, experience and quiet modes.

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