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Not Taylor’s version! Swiftie is left ‘terrified’ after her Speak Now vinyl plays ‘creepy’ electronic track with very ominous warning on instead of singer’s country album



Rachel Hunter, 30, from Staffordshire ordered the singer’s album Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), a rerecording of her 2010 hit country album that was released last week.After waiting a month for it to arrive, Rachel went to play it only to discover the music was not recorded by Taylor at all.

Instead, ‘Happy Land’ an 1993 electronic track by Ultramarine played on one side, while Soul Vine (70 Billion People) by Cabaret Voltaire played on the B-side.

In a creepy twist, the lyrics to the song begin ’70 billion people in this world, where are they hiding’.’It’s just the weirdest thing. It must have been a mix-up, but I haven’t yet seen a single other person with the same mix-up.’

Rachel added she played the vinyl at night – in the dark – and found the ‘creepy voice’ ‘terrifying’.

After sharing a clip playing the track to TikTok, the Swiftie, who bought the vinyl from Taylor’s official UK store, said that fans joked ’70 billion people’ was their favourite vault track.

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