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It’s not just Travis Kelce! Scientists explain why so many women are obsessed with Taylor Swift – and it’s not because of her personality



It’s a debate that will be familiar with many millenial friendship groups – and has no doubt dominated plenty of recent conversations.Now, experts have revealed the intriguing, science-based reasons why Swift is such a global phenomenon – and it’s got little to do with her true personality.
One of the major factors, experts say, is simple familiarity. The more Taylor and her music surround our daily lives, the more we grow to like her.

This is a psychological phenomemon known as the ‘mere exposure effect’ – studies involving repeated television commercials have found viewers grow to prefer the products they see on screen most often.The researchers found that people who listened to music they were familiar with were more likely to have the pleasure centers in their brains light up than those who listened to music that they said they liked.

‘Familiarity seems to be a crucial factor in making the listeners emotionally engaged with music,’ the team wrote.

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