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We’ve Reached The Point In The Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce Romance Where His Barber Is Speaking Out: ‘Things Have Changed’



To sports journalists like Erin Andrews — who jokingly took some credit for the couple — to people who have worked with Swift on screen, it feels like if someone interacted with the two, they’ve had to speak publicly about it. Now, the three-time Super Bowl champ’s barber has fielded questions about his client’s girlfriend, and he explained that while they’re a great couple, “things have changed.” Patrick Regan spoke about his friendship with Travis Kelce, and the attention they’ve both received following the football player and Swift taking their relationship public.“Kylie [Kelce] and I are sitting there and I’m like, ‘Oh, my God, it’s gotta be ‘Black Dog.’ It’s gotta be ‘Black Dog.’ I feel like it is because ‘So Long, London’ I feel like she would’ve done last,’” Andrews, 46, recalled of her thought process during the concert on the Tuesday,

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