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Jason Kelce Reveals Why He and Wife Kylie Are Making an Effort to ‘Scale Back’ Sharing Photos of Their Kids



“We were showing a lot of our kids early on on the show, not a lot, but a few clips,” Jason says of his daughters Wyatt, 4½, Elliotte, 3, and Bennett, 15 months. “And Kylie and I have made a conscious effort that we want to scale back a little bit there.””I think there’s a point where you know, showing the kids is good. But there’s another point where you don’t want to do too much of that. For us, we’ve come to the realization, let’s not put them out there that much at this young of an age.””I understand that it is a double-edged sword. It is very much a need nowadays for kids to start to understand how to use tablets and it’s a great resource, but also to see how even our two older ones get sucked in when they get a tablet in their hands,” she said.

“It makes you really excited for opportunities like this where you can just get them out from in front of the screens,” Kylie continued. “Whether it’s doing an activity like this that’s sort of quiet inside or even just going outside to play. Those are things that we sort of prioritize in our house.”

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