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Travis Kelce Addresses Kylie Kelce’s Heated Exchange With ‘Entitled’ Fan at Jersey Shore



While praising the “tight-knit” nature of Philadelphia during a Tuesday, June 25, appearance on the “Bussin’ With the Boys” podcast, Travis, 34, singled out Kylie, 32, who hails from a suburb of the Pennsylvania city.“Getting to know Kylie and her family and everything throughout the years has just been awesome because she even has that, like, toughness of, ‘Don’t f–k with me,’” the Kansas City Chiefs tight end said. “And you saw that in that video of [her and Jason Kelce] just trying to have date night with their friends over at the [Jersey] Shore where it’s a big family environment — everybody’s having a good time every single day out there at the Shore — and this lady just comes in trying to be entitled.”

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