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Kevin Costner’s son shares working experience with his dad in Horizon: An American Saga



Kevin Costner’s son, Hayes has recently shared his working experience with his father and actor in Horizon: An American Saga — Chapter 1.

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight at the LA premiere of the movie, Hayes, who has a small role in his fathers directed movie, jokingly said, “He trapped me.”“I got to spend the whole day with him every day and just see him work. … I had such a blast,” remarked the 15-year-old.

Hayes also revealed he found the experience “really cool and amazing”.

“I was just really proud of my dad. He’s been working so long. I could just only think about my dad in that moment,” stated the actor’s son.

During his Today show appearance earlier this month, Kevin called Hayes a “beautiful boy and quiet”.

While talking about pushing his children into showbusiness, the Yellowstone star mentioned, “I have not shoved my children into the business. I realise there’s so many young actors that would just kill to be in this movie.”

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