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Tom Brady Admits ‘American Advantage’ at 2028 Olympics Thanks to Patrick Mahomes



The 2028 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles is surely going to be one for the history books. Not only because of the International Olympic Committee’s recent addition of flag football to the program but also because it might feature one of the biggest NFL stars of all time, not amongst the galleries- but on the field.
recently expressed his keen interest in participating in flag football at the 2028 Summer Olympics which has sent the football world into a frenzy. While fans and analysts alike have been sharing their own two bits on the possibility, the GOAT rests his case by alluding to a reassuring “advantage.”The 25th edition of the Laureus World Sports Awards was held in Madrid on the 22nd of April and saw numerous icons from the realm of sports, both past and present, convened to recognize the outstanding achievements of athletes, teams, and sportswomen from 2023. In addition to recognizing athletic achievements, the prestigious Laureus World Sports Awards also highlights the remarkable impact of sports in changing lives, especially through initiatives like Laureus Sport for Good.

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