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“[Joe] Burrow Should Concentrate on Being Healthy”: NFL Analyst Warns Bengals QB Against Trash-Talking Patrick Mahomes & Chiefs



Jason Kelce asked his podcast guest about the time when the Bengals’ cornerback Mike Hilton gave Kansas City’s home stadium a new name: “Burrowhead” as a jab to the Chiefs. While the rivalry between the two teams was hot enough, Burrow’s answer just added fuel to the fire. He was reported as saying, “We both work really hard at what we do. They got great players, we’ve got great players. I think we match up pretty well with them. We’re kind of built to beat them.” While the Cincinnati crowd enjoyed Burrow’s fiery reply, many analysts have a counter opinion.“I’m a bit baffled as to why Joe would say this. It had the trash-talking wilds, I get it. It hasn’t worked out,” said Broussard. When countered with the 3-1 record, he further said, “-Burrow should concentrate on staying healthy. Alright? Two of his four years, injuries have really been a problem.” While the analyst said he likes the “swagger” in the QB’s personality, his health should be the focus at the moment instead of trash-talking.

So, in this hot debate, where does the Bengals actually stand against the Chiefs in the rivalry?

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