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The Rock Make Travis Kelce Join Hollywood Movie



The Rock Make Travis Kelce Join Hollywood Movie

On top of that – Kelce also has four agents to focus simply on his football career – led by Mike Simon at VMG Sports.



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The 34-year-old athlete recently became a client of Creative Artists Agency as he dreams of expanding his career into the acting world.

Orchestrating the whole master plan behind the scenes are the Eanes brothers. They’re the ones who are calling the shots.

‘People say to me, ‘Man, it’s been a crazy year,’ Aaron Eanes said. ‘When I say, ‘Actually, it’s not that crazy,’ people look at me funny. It’s because it’s easy when you have a plan. We’re executing that plan.’

Kelce along with his gigantic management team have a window of time between the end of the Super Bowl in February and the stat of raining camp in July.

During this period – Kelce’s team is focusing on how his personal brand is going to develop beyond his football career.

Kelce got his first taste of mainstream celebrity status when he scored a feature in a 2015 edition of Complex magazine.

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