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Taylor Swift shares how Ireland shaped her fantasy album ‘Folklore’



Taylor Swift revealed the inspiration behind her 2020 album Folklore during her Eras Tour concert in Dublin on June 29.

The singer-songwriter shared how she crafted the album’s fictional narrative, which was heavily influenced by Ireland, where she drew inspiration for the story’s setting.”Folklore in general, it just belongs in Ireland,” the performer declared to the assembly upon concluding her performance of Cardigan on her second evening at Dublin’s Aviva Stadium.

“How I imagined the album world looking [was like] Ireland. Storytelling with lots of different characters,” Swift continued, referring to the stories within the record.

“You guys have that on lock, too. That’s very Irish, the storytelling.”

The August singer claims that Folklore gave her the chance to experiment with a “different” approach to songwriting, one that had more linear narratives and characters who “fall in love and get their hearts broken.”

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