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Breaking News: Tony Khan in hot water: Sycho Sid accuses AEW boss of drug use



is back in the headlines, and this time it’s not for a new signing or a jaw-dropping match. No, folks, this is straight out of a daytime soap opera. The man behind AEW, known for stirring the pot, has found himself embroiled in a scandal more befitting a tabloid than a sports column. WWE legend Sycho Sid-yes, the same Sid who terrorized the ring in the ’90s with his menacing presence and psychological flair-has accused Khan of indulging in illicit substances.In a series of tweets that could make a PR rep break out in hives, the former WWE World Champion didn’t mince words. Sid, ever the provocateur, claimed, “Tony Khan loves the powder,” and followed up with an even more eyebrow-raising declaration: “Tony Khan has more powder up his schnoz than every Johnson & Johnson manufacturing plant combined.”

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