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Taylor Swift fans slam ‘inappropriate’ X-rated lyrics during Australian leg of her Eras tour



Sabrina, 24, has performed her popular track Nonsense during every set but has put an Australian spin on the famous outro lines, belting out a different variation during each show.

Some fans have been left shocked over the increasingly racy nature of the words, criticising her for singing ‘inappropriate’ lyrics in front of young fans.

The original outro goes: ‘This song catchier than chickenpox is, I bet your house is where my other sock is, woke up this morning and thought I’d write a pop hit. How quickly can you take your clothes off – pop quiz?’However, during one of her Melbourne shows, she sang: ‘I don’t say ‘hello’ I say ‘g’day mate’ / I don’t make a bevvy, I’m a lightweight / Melbourne, I just came, I saw, and I ate.’

They have become increasingly risqué since she began performing on the Eras tour, but one of her latest variations in Sydney left some fans unimpressed.

She sang: ‘When you go down under, do you miss me? He’s so big I felt it in my kidney, screamed so loud they heard it here in Sydney.’

Some fans took to social media to share their disapproval, arguing the lyrics were ‘inappropriate’ to sing in front of children.

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