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News In: “Just one more cheat I will break up with you”Taylor Swift warned Travis Kelce after her concert. Do you think Taylor Swift would really break up with Travis Kelce?



He explained: ‘These are great pictures of Taylor and Travis – very revealing and very telling, with the duo appearing extremely tactile with one another. Previously, it wasn’t clear whether it was a proper relationship and the duo seemed to lack connection – however, the latest images tell a different story and there’s been a notable shift in their body language.

‘It’s very clear there is a romantic connection between the two now, they show a real intensity and a high level of affection.’Darren continued: ‘Travis has his hand on Taylor’s backside in public and he also has his arm around her in some intimate places, so that tells me that they’ve formed a deep relationship.

‘Generally, when people are in public they tend to be quite reserved in terms of how tactile they are, yet here it’s clear Travis and Taylor don’t care who they are seen by and are more than happy to show public displays of affection. This would suggest that their romance is quite full on already in its early stages.’

He also suggested that Taylor, 33, was enjoying the chance to try a romance with someone who had a more ‘dominating presence’ than her previous partners.

Darren explained: ‘Taylor is laughing and seems genuinely happy, while Travis appears an alpha male, with his hands all over her. He has a very dominating presence and seems to have a different persona to those Taylor has dated in the past.

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