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WTA Berlin: ‘Awkward’ Coco Gauff Holds Back Tears as She Assures Emotional Fan of Fulfilling His Wish



Twenty years old Coco Gauff had just crushed her opponent at the WTA Berlin tournament. Ecstatic but composed, she was making her way through the crowd for post-match greetings when a young fan, eyes wide with emotion, blurted out a request. The fan who apparently admins a page dedicated to the American sensation, introduced himself as Maurice and therefore continues to narrate his love for the pro. Gauff’s smile faltered for a moment, a flicker of surprise crossing her face. What followed next was a heartwarming moment that would leave both Gauff and the fan with a memory far more precious than any victory!“I posted on my fan page for you,” he says, informing Gauff that he makes sure to hit all the updates of her on Instagram. Trying to figure out which fan page was exactly owned by him, the young American asked, “Are you Coco Gauff fans or?” Elaborating on the fact that he never thought he would get a chance to stand beside her, Maurice shed tears and urged Gauff to follow his page on Instagram. “My dream is that you can follow me on my page,” he says.

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