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Who will you rather chose as the next King, Prince William or Prince Harry,who do you want as the new King?



The Duke of Sussex stopped into St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle on Friday to visit his grandmother the Queen’s burial site exactly one year after her passing on September 8th, 2022. However, no other royal family members—including his once-close brother William, nor wife Meghan Markle, who stayed in California with their young children—were in attendance to provide comfort to the estranged prince. Nicholl brought up a particularly damning passage from Spare, in which Harry divulged the private details of a physical fight he and William had, with “William allegedly shoving Prince Harry, forcing him onto the ground where he landed onto a dog bowl.” It’s situations like this that the royal family hoped would never become public knowledge—and which Prince William is most angry about his brother telling the world.

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