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WATCH: Sensational Revelation: King Charles’ Startling Claim About Prince William’s Paternity – Harry in Line for Throne



WATCH: Sensational Revelation: King Charles' Startling Claim About Prince William's Paternity - Harry in Line for Throne

‘Prince Harry has been written out of the script for the Coronation, with no official role in the service if he attends,’ the paper’s Royal Editor tweeted.



Prince Harry 'has been written out of King Charles' Coronation | Daily Mail  Online



‘Breaking with tradition, Charles will scrap royal dukes kneeling and paying homage to the monarch. Only William will perform that role

‘As things stand, there is no role for Harry in the service,’ a royal source reportedly declared.’

MailOnline has approached Buckingham Palace and the Duke of Sussex’s representatives for comment. ‘[William] won’t retaliate, he never would, because he’s dignified and unbelievably loyal,’ one friend said.

‘It’s cruel, cowardly and so sad for William to keep taking the punches. He’s keeping quiet for the good of his family and the country.’

Another said: ‘He’s anxious and he’s sad – he’s concentrating on his wife and his children… He’s handling it so well on the outside, inside he’s burning,’ before one other associate chipped in: ‘He’s not going to roll over.

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