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WATCH: Does Taylor Swift deserve all the criticzies and hate she’s getting this days.



WATCH: Does Taylor Swift deserve all the criticzies and hate she's getting this days.

However, with every light, there must be darkness. With this boom in popularity, there has also been an increase in the amount of hate towards Taylor Swift, both from men and women. I believe that this hate is unfounded. While it is perfectly okay to not enjoy the particular kinds of music she creates, there is not much reason to hate her as a person. In fact, I would argue that much of this hate stems from misogyny. Do people hate her because she has done anything wrong? Or do they hate her simply because she is a successful woman in the music industry whose more recent songs often aim to expose the pain of heartbreak and teach people that they deserve partners who treat them well and recognize their worth?



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In terms of the men who hate her, I would say it’s because they can’t stand to see a successful woman who knows her worth. When a woman knows her worth, it’s harder for a man to manipulate her and convince her that she needs him in her life to be of value. I believe a lot of these men are also insecure. An independent, fierce woman is a threat to their already fragile masculinity. This insecurity, I would also argue, is a direct result of patriarchy and the belief that men must be the stronger ones in society or in a relationship. Not only is Taylor a strong woman herself, but she encourages other women to be strong too, and men don’t like that because one, it means they won’t be able to take advantage of women as easily as they once could, and two, it goes against the belief I mentioned earlier that has likely been ingrained in them since childhood.

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