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Video of Taylor Swift Struggling to Free Herself on Stage Draws Huge Attention



In the video, as the song ends, Swift stands up to go backstage but the bottom of the dress doesn’t move with her and appears to be stuck on the grass-like set.Swift can then be seen struggling to get the dress free for a few seconds as she tries to get the material off what appears to be an almost-invisible cable keeping her attached to the stage.

She then removes a white belt from her waist, and turns and smiles at the audience before heading backstage.Both @VIsOnCorneliaSt and @IMN0TALLT00WELL compared the moment to a similar incident that happened on Swift’s Fearless tour back in 2010.

In that instance, a red dress that Swift was wearing also got caught on the stage, leading Swift to giggle as she was singing her hit song.

Replying to the 2023 clip of Swift’s tour outfit getting stuck, @Quinnocent22 wrote: “I remember watching the love story video on repeat and now I will do the same for this.”

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