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Video analysis shows Patrick Mahomes is following Tom Brady’s passing tactics



Video analysis shows Patrick Mahomes is following Tom Brady's passing tactics

quarterback in NFL history is his ability to not only pass the ball with extreme accuracy. Perhaps his greatest skill is to choose the most ideal player to pass the ball in a matter of mili seconds.






There are always moments in which,your original play doesn’t pan out because the defense does a great job at reading it. Not many quarterbacks have the skill to identify this danger and change his decision right as the play is happening. Tom Brady was probably the best ever at making these decisions,A recent tactical video analysis from Jackson Krueger Sports breaks down how Mahomes has been trying to emulate what Tom Brady used to do in these moments of extreme tension.


The Youtuber who made this video talks about the piece of Brady’s playbook Mahomes has been taking for years. He says: “Mahomes is kind of known for the big arm and the scrambles, that kind of stuff but very much what you would see 90 to around 95% of the time honestly was just him taking what the defence gave him. It is very much the kind of the Tom Brady school of thought of let’s just you know, put the ball in the right player’s hands as often as he can and then obviously Mahomes can still do the you know crazy stuff when he needs to.”

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