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Update News: Two identical-looking athletes with same name get DNA test to see if they are long-lost siblings



Brady Feigl is a 6’4 baseball player with red hair, a red beard and thick glasses, and remarkably there is another Brady Feigl who is also a 6’4 baseball player with red hair, a red beard and thick glasses.I mean they even play in the same position.

Of course, people have told the two pitchers over the years about their similarities, so much so the two Bradys wanted answers.While the DNA test may have confirmed they are not long-lost siblings, it did provide one similarity.

The athletes’ level of Germanic ancestry was identical as they both registered as 53 percent Germanic in origin.

That was the only similarity however, as the pair were different on every other measure, subsequently confirming they are not long-lost siblings after all.

A new family may not be on the cards for the two Bradys, but they are glad to have met each other and said they were ‘still brothers in a way’.

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