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Travis Kelce Is ‘Arranging His Schedule’ To Be With Taylor Swift In Europe As Much As He Can



A second source said on May 23 that Kelce “had an incredible time” and found it “surprising” that he even got the offer to join the show.

With that work commitment behind him, he “can arrange his schedule to be with [Taylor],” the first source said. That insider added that he and Swift plan to do some home décor shopping in Europe: “They love going antique shopping, and she’s been helping him pick out some things for his new house in Kansas.”She said she tries not to miss Swift’s dinner parties because, “Taylor Swift is an exceptional cook, and I love her. She also makes a really good bolognese sauce and a really good chili that I love. So, I love to cook, but it’s also such a treat to get cooked for. And when you have friends that really also care about those special moments and the more intimate spaces and what can really come from putting an effort into making the time for that, I think that that’s when you start to find the friends that you really connect with, because you’re both working towards manifesting those really special moments.”

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