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Travis Kelce Cry as Taylor Swift Prank him for Breakup



Travis Kelce Cry as Taylor Swift Prank him for Breakup

The video, which has amassed 1.7 million views in less than a day, shows Travis whispering to his shocked Kansas City Chiefs’ teammate Patrick Mahomes that he is going to dump Taylor on the football pitch — as the singer watches in the audience.



Swifties Say Taylor Swift Put Travis Kelce 'on the Map' in New Prank -  Parade



The Swifties then collectively lipread Travis’ words to his teammate and inform Taylor that the football player is going to break up with her.At the horrifying end of the video, Taylor turns into a monstrous creature and kills Travis with her tears — as the Swifties uncontrollably cry for the singer.

The parody video ends with Taylor releasing a new hit song about her split with TravisHowever, some of the singer’s fans criticised MeatCanyon asking: “Don’t you have anything better to do than to criticize someones dating history?”Meanwhile, another self-proclaimed Swiftie was left amused by MeatCanyon’s commentary on Taylor’s love life and declared that “Another TayTay hit is just another break-up away.”

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