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Taylor Swift’s ex Matty Healy ‘uncomfortable’ with public scrutiny after ‘TTPD’



Matty Healy is ill at ease with all the public attention he’s getting after his ex Taylor Swift seemingly wrote a few songs about him on her new album, The Tortured Poets Department.

According to US Weekly, the 35-year-old musician has no bad blood with the international pop sensation following their breakup in early 2023, and doesn’t mind that she wrote about him.However, “Matty’s uncomfortable with the new renewed attention on his relationship [with Taylor] – especially because he’s [with someone] new,” according to a source.

On TTPD, released mid-April 2024, Swifties believe that the songs The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived and I Can Fix Him (No Really I Can) were about Healy, whom Swift very briefly dated.

Previously, the outlet reported, “Matty still thinks very highly of Taylor but we were all nervous about what she might have said on the album,” the source clarified.

According to the source, “Matty has struggled with life in the public eye, and he’s been doing really well, but the last thing that he needs is for every Swiftie in the world to think he’s a villain.”

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