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Taylor Swift’s Alleged Kim Kardashian Takedown Confirms It: This Is the Year of the Diss Track



It’s worth noting, of course, that Swift has been known to write songs from the perspective of various fictional characters (particularly from the Folklore era onwards), but—if the Taylor Nation chatter right now is anything to go by—this is very much a question of Taylor addressing Kim directly, à la 2010’s “Better Than Revenge.” Among the track’s spicier lyrics: lines about her mother, “a saintly woman,” wishing Aimee “were dead” for “beat[ing]” her daughter’s “spirit black and blue.” Then, like the movie villain who can’t help herself from walking us through her twisted scheme, Taylor tells us, in a bridge of exposition, that she’s erased any clues of who she might actually be singing about! Only the two of them will ever know, unless, somehow, someone can piece it together… Masterful gambit, ma’am!

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