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Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce ‘Scandalous’ April Fools’ Day Joke Caused a Stir: ‘Not Funny’



Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce 'Scandalous' April Fools' Day Joke Caused a Stir: 'Not Funny'

The cheating claims emerged over Easter weekend 2024, a few months before Kelce and Swift’s first anniversary. At the time, the couple reportedly met with his three nieces in Pennsylvania.



Taylor Swift May Be Using Travis Kelce Romance To Cover Up Fling With THIS  Problematic Celeb, Host Says | Music Times



She reposted another user’s video about the alleged issue and tried to debunk the claims. The latter user, Mikey Angelo, and his video, “Travis Kelce cheating scandal [was] just announced” were featured in the viral social media post.

“If this man was to cheat on Taylor Swift, like, I don’t think he would recover. I don’t think that he would be able to show his face in the media ever again,” xtra_abigator said about the buzz. “Like great that he bought a new, whatever, mansion so they could, like, hang out together.”

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