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Taylor Swift Surprise Travis with a Brown New car,”To show how much she love her man” Travis



Taylor Swift Surprise Travis with a Brown New car,"To show how much she love her man" Travis

‘Liars,’ one mother told as her pre-teen daughter in a pink Barbie jacket sniffed that she didn’t get to hit up the Chiefs star and his pop princess girlfriend for candy.



EXCLUSIVE: Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have a lazy morning at the NFL  star's Kansas City mansion after celebrating the Chiefs' win | Daily Mail  Online



‘Why is it blocked off over there mom?’ another young devil asked.

‘They’re not handing out candy, you believe that?’ the mom snipped. ‘Well, we know they’re lying. Swifty is here.’She arrived at noon, pulling into his driveway with a security motorcade, and remained there, sheltered from the cold as the sun set on Halloween.

Kelce last week teased that he was going to host a Halloween dinner gathering, but the early evening at least appeared to a romantic evening for two, with guards making sure there would be no interruptions.

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