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Taylor Swift Shares Travis Kelce Kiss Video



Taylor Swift Shares Travis Kelce Kiss Video

Or is the moment of affection more of a distraction? Fans are doubtlessly Zaprudering the 15-second video, which also shows clips of Swift crafting, hoisting a cocktail, and working out. The moment with Kelce, which appears in the video’s first second, shows Swift at a stove, spoon in hand.



Taylor Swift kissing Travis Kelce



The camera is apparently set just behind whatever Swift is cooking, so one hopes it’s not anything prone to sloshes or spatters. Suddenly, Kelce appears from behind, leaning in from Swift’s right to kiss her on the cheek. Swift, laughing, leans away as the words “for a Fortnight” appear on the screen.

That’s because the video isn’t just a cozy and humanizing set of images. Instead, it’s intended to kick off a social media challenge (we’re still doing those?) inspired by TTPD song “Fortnight,” which Swift had just announced as the first single from the album. That song has its own, far more slickly produced video,

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