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Taylor Swift nails ‘mega-bridge’ in London, combining two of her favorite song bridges



Taylor Swift took two of her favorite bridges during her acoustic set in London and sang them back-to-back to form a “mega-bridge.”

“I’m always challenging myself to think of what you might want to hear, and I base how I’ve done on the volume of the singing that you do. So let’s see how I’ve chosen tonight,” said the singer wearing an orange dress to 88,446 fans. “I chose these songs because they are two of my favorite bridges I’ve ever written.”

She nailed the mega-bridge of “Hits Different” from “Midnights” and “Death By A Thousand Cuts” from “Lover” on the guitar.On the piano, Swift sang a triple mashup starting with “The Black Dog,” a never-before-heard-live song from “The Tortured Poets Department.” The Black Dog is a London pub. She mixed in “Come Back…Be Here” from “Red (Taylor’s Version),” which mentions the British capital: “I guess you’re in London today and I don’t wanna need you this way.” And then she added “Maroon” from “Midnights.”

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