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Taylor Swift is set to make $4.1 BILLION from the Eras Tour – as total takings are predicted to rake in enough to send every American a $20 bill



The singer’s earnings solely from her worldwide tour are the equivalent of the economic output of 42 nations, according to estimates over her wealth from Peter Cohan, an associate professor of management at Babson College,Swift’s windfall is primarily thanks to her share of the revenue from her tour, which is estimated to be the industry-standard 85 percent.

Average ticket prices stand at around $450, a hefty sum that has fueled a record-earning run for the 33-year-old as she packs out stadiums across the globe.

Ticket sales may make up the lions share of the revenue, but the impact on the wider economy has also been tallied at around $93 million per show.

The figure was determined by software company QuestionPro, with answers from online surveys combined with concert attendance numbers.

An expensive mix of tickets alongside merchandise, travel, food, hotels and specialized Era-outfits have seen the army of Swifties flood the economy with cash.

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