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Taylor Swift has joined the exclusive billionaire club, thanks to her highly successful Eras tour.



The report describes the Eras tour as a blockbuster success, with the US leg concluding in August and an international leg set to begin next month. Bloomberg’s analysis estimates that the 53 concerts in the US alone added a staggering $4.3 billion to the country’s gross domestic product. The analysis is based on confirmed or publicly disclosed figures, making it a conservative estimate.



The calculation takes into account various sources of income for Swift, including the estimated value of her five homes ($110 million), her music catalog ($400 million for music released since 2019), earnings from streaming deals ($120 million from YouTube and Spotify), music sales ($80 million), and concert tickets and merchandise ($370 million). Additionally, factors such as income tax, tour production and travel costs, and commissions paid to managers and agents were considered.

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