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Struggling Mom Randi Mahomes Admits It Was “Impossible” to Raise Patrick Mahomes & Jackson With 12YO Sibling



Randi Mahomes was just 20 years old when she had Patrick mahomes Five years later, Jackson joined them in 2000. But for Randi, the struggle was real. After her divorce in 2006, navigating motherhood and being a young adult needed consistency, even if it meant relying on her friends’ courtesies to take the Mahomes brothers to their games so that she wouldn’t miss a paycheck!However, that’s one of her regrets. Not being there as much as she would want to. But she was a single mother battling financial and emotional adversities to raise her children. Over the years, things got better, and she had Mia Randall in 2011. But there was one dilemma. Her sons were much older than Mia, and managing them together was difficult.

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