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Sabrina Carpenter declares she’s ‘in love for the first time’ in rare comment about romance with Barry Keoghan and reveals ‘idol’ Taylor Swift’s relationship advice



Elsewhere in the interview Sabrina said how the Taylor, 34, taught her there was no ‘how-to book’ to navigate a relationship in the glare of the public eye. Telling the publication: ‘It is magnificent to grow up idolising someone, and then meet them, and they are all the things that you hoped that they would be’.

‘On a personal level, she’s really been there for me, and I’m so grateful. That’s something she’s taught me really well—she has remained very human throughout all of it.”The [dating] pool is the pool, and when you meet people that feel authentic and are so brilliant and amazing in every way, that’s what you do’.

‘Obviously, I write songs about exactly how I feel, so I guess I can’t be so surprised that people are interested in who and what those songs are about. That’s something that comes with the territory.’

Barry fathered 22-month-old son Brando during his two-year relationship with dental nurse Alyson Kierans, which ended in mid-2023.

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