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Revealed: How ‘wounded’ Prince Harry chose the day he and Meghan were evicted from Frogmore Cottage as the start of his formal US residence



Filings published by Companies House for ‘Prince Henry Charles Albert David Duke of Sussex’ record that his ‘New Country/State Usually Resident’ is now the USA, while it previously stated the United Kingdom.

Royal experts have said Harry was ‘deeply wounded’ by his father’s order for him and Meghan to leave Frogmore, which had been a wedding gift from Queen Elizabeth, with suggestions that he was making a point by choosing the date. It comes after Harry revealed earlier this year that he has ‘considered’ becoming a US citizen, a move which would mean he may have to renounce his titles.

  1. ‘The thought has crossed my mind but not a high priority right now,’ he said on Good Morning America in February

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