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Randi Mahomes opens up about privacy struggles amid son Patrick Mahome’s NFL stardom



Since Mahomes was drafted in 2017, his name has become a household fixture in America. However, this fame has brought its own set of challenges, as Randi Mahomes discussed in a heartfelt episode of “Fan Favorite with Kent Hance.”During the podcast, Randi opened up about the pain and frustration of living in the public eye, expressing her desire for simple, private family moments. “We actually get to be in public occasionally together as a family. I’ve been told to like don’t look anyone in the eyes, just go to your seat at the table and sit down, don’t look around.”

That has been difficult for the Mahomes matriarch “Well, I like to talk…. I like to shake someone’s hand….sometimes it”s just like we just want to eat dinner together and be normal.” She continued, “I don’t take it for granted, but sometimes I want to take my family for granted just personally and I guess that you have to. You do miss that privacy sometime.”

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