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Prince William ‘so happy’ to meet his former roommate in emotional video



Prince William reunited with his former roommate while visiting Wrexham Football Club in Wales, emotionally remarking, “it’s been a while.”

The Prince of Wales made a television appearance on Welcome to Wrexham, where he discussed visiting the successful football team to celebrate St David’s Day.During the episode, which aired on May 30, William met with Wrexham FC co-chairman Rob McElhenney at a local pub, as well as Humphrey Ker, the executive director of the series and the prince’s former roommate.

In a confessional scene, Ker said: “I went to school with Prince William. I have known him since I was 7, or something like that. We literally shared a bedroom from 7 until 10.”

As boys, both attended Ludgrove School and then Eton College. Shaking hands, William noted that it had “been a while” since they last saw each other. Ker said that the Prince was here because of St David’s day, before lamenting the fact there is no day off to celebrate the event, labelling it a “bit of a swiz”.

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