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Prince William, Harry’s ‘regrettable’ feud takes shine off royal events



Prince William and Prince Harry’s ongoing feud adds to King Charles and Royal family’s worries as it has taken shine off the royal family’s major events.

Commenting on the two royal brothers Harry and William’s rift, an expert has claimed it is ‘unnecessary’ and regrettable.The Duke of Sussex is set to return to the UK alone on May 8 to mark ten years of the Invictus Games, but no members of the royal family is expected to attend Harry’s milestone.

Cole, in discussion with GBN America’s host Nana Akua, said: “I feel sorry for Harry because he says he loves this country. It’s his home and he loves Britain. You know what makes me saddest of all? I think of Diana, Princess of Wales, the late, the much missed Diana.”

The commentator went on: “It really does make me sad, and I hope that he [Harry] has time to ponder that when he comes back here.”

Cole explained: “There are few worse sights in the world than seeing brothers fighting. And when it’s brothers of the royal blood, when it’s princes fighting, that’s so much worse and it’s so regrettable.

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