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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle’s fate imagined via AI in 30 years time: See



Prince Harry is predicted to return to the UK 30 years from now in a new AI-based imagining.

French journalists at Paris Match released an eight-page photo story, which showed the British royal family in future.As per the imagining, the Duke of Sussex comes back to his homeland after being dumped by wife Meghan Markle for a US president.

In the photo, Harry looks like a spitting image of his father King Charles in grey hair and wrinkled features, as he is surrounded by the public on his return to the UK.Other photos showed Prince George ascending to the throne in 2050 after William abdicated in his favour.

His mother Kate Middleton is also depicted looking graceful as a 72-year-old Queen Mother at the coronation ceremony.

Giving it a modern touch on his first day as the King, George is jolted awake from the alarm bell of his iPhone 45 instead of bagpipes, the late Queen’s favourite.

He is then instructed to post his first selfie of the day in a bid to appease his followers – or rather subjects as a part of his duty.

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