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Phoebe Gates Graduates College – and Gives Parents Bill and Melinda a Shout-Out: ‘So Grateful’



Phoebe Gates 21, graduated from Stanford University with a Bachelor of Science in human biology on June 15. Even more impressive? It only took her three years to earn her degree, according to Nylon.“I knew I had to make it happen if I could, because I wanted to watch my mother deliver this year’s commencement speech as a graduate,” Phoebe told the outlet. “I can’t think of a better ending!”In her speech, French Gates opened up about the important role Stanford has played in her family’s history.

“Stanford has always held a special place in my family’s heart,” the philanthropist said. “My dad, Ray French, received a scholarship to study mechanical engineering here in the 1960s. While he worked on his masters degree, my mother, Elaine French, supported them with her job at a bottled water company. On nights and weekends, she was my dad’s lab assistant.”

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