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Patrick Mahomes’ hungrier message that ‘excites’ fans



This striking gesture was anything but accidental; it was a powerful statement that screamed that they are just getting started.”Further solidifying this message, Mahomes took to Instagram to showcase his trio of Super Bowl rings with a caption that read, “we ain’t done.”This simple yet impactful phrase sent a clear warning to the rest of the NFL. Mahomes, already a legend in his own right, emphasized the team’s relentless drive and ambition.

“Every year in this league, you have to come in with that same mentality, you have to be hungry,” Mahomes said.

“It’s hard. You saw last year, you’ve seen it every year that I’ve been here. You have to battle in order to win that Super Bowl.

“Guys have to have that mentality and I think what [General Manager Brett] Veach and Coach Reid do is they bring in a group of guys that are hungry and they fuse them with guys that have been here and it usually comes in with a great mix when you get to training camp.” Unyielding hunger for success

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