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Parsons shared a clip of Kelce lining up a shot with Swift’s song ‘Bad Blood’ blasting out in the background but that wasn’t the only reference made to the tight end’s superstar girlfriend out on the fairways.



Parsons shared a clip of Kelce lining up a shot with Swift's song 'Bad Blood' blasting out in the background but that wasn't the only reference made to the tight end's superstar girlfriend out on the fairways.

The golf course has held multiple professional tournaments, including Greg Norman’s former ‘Shark Shootout’ event, the first of which was held at Sherwood Country Club also ironically in 1989.



Travis Kelce plays air guitar to Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' during golf game



Sherwood Country Club’s badge, which was stitched on to the front of the cap, also features an archer, which references the course’s history with the Robin Hood movies filmed on the acreage in the 1920s.

But many fans were quick to point out that it in this instance it could be interpreted as a nod to both Swift’s song, ‘The Archer’ from her record ‘Lover’ and Kelce’s previous touchdown celebration.

The Easter eggs sent Swifties wild on social media as they praised the NFL icon for being a ‘1989 stan’.

One fan posted: ‘His hat says 1989 AND has an archer on it.. you can’t make this stuff up!’

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