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One lucky person tops Taylor Swift’s net worth after winning the lottery



One lucky person tops Taylor Swift's net worth after winning the lottery

For the average person, the only way to become an overnight millionaire is to win the lottery.



Taylor Swift during a concert. EFE



There are many games of chance that give huge rewards to a single winner, but rarely is there a prize as large as the one recently won by a man from The figure of $1.326 billion, taxes aside, is what the winner of the draw held on April 8 in Oregon, USA, will receive. He or she will be able to choose whether to receive a cash payment of $621 million or, a monthly payment over the next 30 years equivalent to that amount, which is the result of applying the taxes in force in the US state.

With the reduction, the winner will ultimately not exceed Swift’s net worth, as he or she would need to receive the prize in full to get it

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