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NFL Star Misidentified as Patrick Mahomes During Miami Grand Prix by F1 Reporter



Sky Sports reporter Martin Brindle buzzed with anticipation as he prepared to interview celebrities ahead of the Miami Grand Prix. However, during the live broadcast, Brindle found himself in an awkward moment.

Brindle mistook Miami Dolphins linebacker Jaelan Philips for NFL star Patrick Mahomes. This mistake happened during the VIP section scanning of Philups on the grid. Brindle’s embarrassing moment is nothing new to the audience, as this is not the first time he has made such an error. In the previous year’s Miami Grand Prix, he misidentified Orlando Magic’s Paulo Banchero as Mahomes. Apparently, this action made the audience believe that he was a great fan of Mahomes. During the earlier mix-up, Brindle had eagerly called out to Banchero, mistaking him for Mahomes. Later, he realized his mistake when the basketball player didn’t respond as expected.

Nevertheless, Brindle carried on with the interview until he finally recognized that it wasn’t Mahomes. Meanwhile, the real Mahomes, accompanied by his wife Brittany, was indeed present at the Miami Grand Prix.

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