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NEWS IN: Halsey gives subtle nod to Taylor Swift album ‘TTPD’



NEWS IN: Halsey gives subtle nod to Taylor Swift album 'TTPD'

Taylor Swift might just have received subtle support from Matty Healy’s ex, Halsey and her current boyfriend, Avan Jogia, amid The Tortured Poets Department release.



Halsey gives subtle nod to Taylor Swift album TTPD



The Him and I singer took to her social media platform to share a picture of the Nickelodeon star wearing a pair of grey-coloured sweatpants with the album’s initials on it.This new and emotional album, written as TTPD in short, features many songs in which Swift sings about the demise of her relationship with Healy.

Swift first had a short-lived romance with the musician in 2014 and started “hanging out” once again during the successful Eras Tour in May 2023.

Additionally, Halsey and The 1975 frontman dated famously back in 2015, but they ultimately broke up leading both of them to write songs about each other.

Halsey’s hit song, Colors, is supposed to be about Healy and his past drug abuse, while the British band’s song, The Sound, is rumored to be revolving around the couple’s brief romance.

Matty Healy was recently asked of different buzzing question from the paparazzi earlier this week regarding Swift’s new album, to which he responded that he hadn’t “really listened to that much of it, but I’m sure it’s good.”

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