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Netflix fans blast new drama series over ‘really bad ending’ that was ‘such an anti-climax’



The intricate narrative includes several subplots, including the imprisonment of Conrad Hensley, husband of Charlie Croker’s assistant Jill Hensley (Chanté Adams), after he retaliates against a police officer’s assault.The series, which currently ranks third on Netflix’s global Top 10 chart, concludes with Raymond seducing Croker’s ex-wife Martha (Diane Lane), leveraging her business shares to forge an alliance against Croker.

The finale sees Croker and Peepgrass in a tense face-to-face encounter, ending with a graphic and fatal confrontation that abruptly cuts off – leaving viewers hanging.

With viewers left with divided opinions over the series finale, fans took to to X to share their thoughts over the ‘lazy’ and ‘terrible’ ending.

One fan wrote: ‘After watching a Man in Full… I feel kinda robbed by the ending. It’s a Netflix limited series so there probably won’t be a second season. I hate when these creators make shows like this.’

Another fumed: ‘Just binge watched a Man in Full, good show, terrible ending, I’m p****8.’

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