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Meghan Markle’s megabucks: First product from Duchess’s new brand won’t be jam or dog biscuits — but it will likely make her millions



Meghan Markle is purportedly planning to launch a bottle of rosé under her lifestyle label American Riviera Orchard — and it could make her millions.

The Duchess teased two other products from the forthcoming brand earlier this year, but the pink wine will purportedly be the first item available to the public.“As a product, wines are far more aspirationally marketable -— not to mention financially lucrative — than humble jam,” the publication states.The former actress sent samples of the jelly to a slew of celebrity pals, including Mindy Kaling and Kris Jenner.The Daily Mail reports that Markle is known to enjoy a good glass of rosé, saying it was her drink of choice on her first date with Prince Harry back in 2016.“Like a good Cali influencer, she loves a glass of the pink stuff, and is also a fan of every Instagrammer’s favorite drink, a ‘frosé’, which is made by freezing rosé wine and blending it into a slushie with strawberries and some icing sugar, for extra sweetness,” the publication claims.

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