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Kylie Kelce’s Heartwarming Photo of Her 3 Daughters Has Fans Calling One Girl a ‘Travis Twin’



referring to the fact that two of her three daughters are looking at the camera and smiling. (At least the third isn’t screaming her head off!) In the adorable snap, Wyatt, 4, Elliotte, 3, and Bennett, 1, stand one girl in front of the other in their swimsuits. Their long blonde hair is all messy like they just got out of the pool, and a big rainbow lights up the sky behind them. It’s such a sweet summertime photo!Fans couldn’t help but notice the girls look like a mini Travis, Jason, and Kylie. “The oldest looks like Kylie, middle looks like Travis and youngest looks like Jason. Adorable!” one person wrote. Another said, “Left to Right – Jason, Travis, Kylie.“The middle girl is Travis twin all of them are cuties lol,” another said.

Looking at the picture, we totally agree! Bennett is Jason Jr., with her confused expression and open-mouthed look. Elliott is Travis’s twin, smiling with mischief in her eyes just like the Kansas City Chiefs tight end. And Wyatt is mini Mama, looking just like Kylie as she leans in and smiles for the photo.

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