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King Charles Wears Military Uniform in New Portrait, Fans Appreciate It More Than Red Painting



In the photo, photographer Hugo Burnand snapped Charles sitting on a gilded green chair in his military regalia while holding onto a ceremonial sword. His military cap and gloves sat beside the king on an end table.Several royal watchers immediately remarked in the comments section that the portrait was “way better” than a previous one that the monarch posed for.“Wonderful! And it’s in Classic style. I love it,” one commenter wrote on Saturday, as another called it a “fantastic picture.”

A third fan added, “The old one was a truly [sic] portrait which described him. He was in hell on that portrait.”“The red was inspired by the Welsh Guards, but I wanted the painting to be a little more contemporary and not get in the way of seeing the face and the personality,” he said. “The color was an early experiment and then I sketched it out and worked on the face, and the face and background worked so well. I just then worked on making sure nothing else interfered with the balance. It was a nice mix of the traditional and the contemporary.”

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