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King Charles, Queen Camilla anniversary plans influenced by monarch’s cancer



King Charles, Queen Camilla anniversary plans influenced by monarch's cancer

King Charles and Queen Camilla are set to mark a rather quiet wedding anniversary in the wake of the former’s cancer battle.



Queen Camilla could stand in for King Charles at the 80th anniversary of  D-Day at the ceremony in France as monarch battles cancer | Daily Mail  Online



The royal pair celebrate 19 years since they exchanged vows in an intimate ceremony following years of love and pining for one another on April 9, 2005.Speaking to OK! magazine, former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond dished on their potential plans for the day.

“I think they’ll spend the day quietly together, partly because they aren’t great party animals, partly because of his illness and also because I suppose this date will always be rather poignant as it was April 9th that Prince Philip died,” she revealed.

“I suspect they exchanged cards and maybe gifts, probably have a walk if they can and perhaps a romantic dinner,” Bond continued.

“But much will depend on how well the King is feeling and how much his cancer treatment is affecting his stamina and his appetite.”

Rest assured, their love shall not be gauged with how they choose to spend the significant day together; the royal commentator doubled down on the couple’s utmost dedication to each other regardless of the calamity thrown their way.

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