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Kate Middleton urged to enjoy ‘restorative’ activity amid cancer treatment



Princess Kate is believed to be making the most out of current weather in the UK as Prince William continues royal duties.

Speaking to OK! magazine, former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond gave a positive health update on the Princess of Wales following the prince’s latest overnight trip to Cornwall.She explained Kate would be leaning on her parents while William fulfils his duty to crown due to shortage of working royals.

Jennie also noted being outdoors would help the princess get better sooner.

“I’ve no doubt that Catherine‘s parents will be staying with her, but even so it must be a step in the right direction,” she explained to the outlet. “Hopefully Catherine is feeling stronger every day and, with the sun now shining, she’ll be able to enjoy the great outdoors which, for her, has always been restorative.”

During his visit last week, the future King of England gave an update on his wife’s health, saying: “She’s doing well, thanks.”

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